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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chattanooga Fitness Club?

Chattanooga Fitness Club is a small group personal training, private 1×1 personal training, and nutrition coaching club located at 3829 Hixson Pike, Chattanooga, TN 37415.

Our Small Group Personal Training program is a women’s only program that has up to 8 women (max) train with a Certified Personal Trainer in hour-long sessions that are tracked and progressed to them. We offer these sessions 23 times a week Monday through Saturday.

For Private 1-on-1 Personal Training, we work with women, men, and couples in private hour-long sessions. In this program, the gym is shut down just for you, and you work through a fully bespoke personal training program crafted and led by a Certified Personal Trainer. This is great for those who value privacy, have strict schedules, or would most benefit from a one on one approach.

We also offer Nutrition Coaching, with direction from a Certified Nutrition Coach and weekly sit down accountability meetings to keep you on track. We will help you understand the components of a healthy diet, set appropriate daily targets, and stick to them over time using a coaching approach. This is great for all members, but especially members that want to lose 1-3 pounds each and every week!

What will my first time in your gym be like?

We begin everything at Chattanooga Fitness Club with a complimentary Transformation Strategy Session. During this 30 minute session you will receive a free InBody Scan at the club, where you will discover things about your body that might surprise you. We will do a few assessments to understand the current state of your health and fitness, as well as ask about anything you’ve tried before and that worked or didn’t work. Then we create a custom roadmap for you to achieve your body transformation goals. Contact us now to get started!

Are the Small Group Personal Training sessions right for me? (including 6 Week Challenge)

For women looking to tone up, lose unwanted bodyfat, and get into the best shape of their life – and to do so in a small group social setting – our Small Group Personal Training program will be just perfect! In this program, you will work with up to 7 other women (max) in an hour-long session that’s scaled to your level and led by a Certified Personal Trainer. You’ll be lifting weights including dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and more; doing a small amount of cardio; and working on targeted areas to include stomach, butt, legs, arms, and other focus points. Because we take a small group approach, we are able to work with you directly. This makes our Small Group Personal Training program, including the 6 Week Challenge that includes them, for everyone from seasoned workout junkies, to those just getting back into training after awhile, or those training for the first time!

Is this Crossfit?

While we use some equipment that Crossfit uses, we do not emphasize explosive lifts or intense plyometric exercises, especially knee and hip dominant plyometrics, as we believe this leads to an unusually large risk of injury to the average client. We want to build strong, stable, fit bodies without unnecessarily endangering joints, ligaments, connective tissues, and muscle fibers that aren’t ready for explosive muscular movements. In short, we don’t want you to get hurt here, so while some moves might look like Crossfit, and Crossfit fans will certainly enjoy our workouts, we aren’t Crossfit.

Is this a Cardio class?

These are not cardio classes, and we don’t offer any at the club. Your small group personal training sessions will probably include a few minutes of conditioning cardio like rowing, jumping rope, or perhaps using the battle ropes, but we don’t do much traditional cardio. Instead, our Certified Personal Trainers have a whole hour of programming created for you that will keep your heart rate up without the need to do much cardio in the usual sense. Short bits of cardio followed by lifting weights for most of the round and having fun, that’s what we’re about!

Is this a Bootcamp?

No, this isn’t a bootcamp, and we don’t have any bootcamp classes at Chattanooga Fitness Club. Instead, we offer Small Group Personal Training, where up to 8 women train with a Certified Personal Trainer in hour long sessions utilizing a personal training approach (this means mostly lifting weights and doing body sculpting exercises). While there is nothing inherently wrong in putting 20-30 people in a large room, having folks jump up and down and run back and forth and step on a step box, and offering more motivation than coaching, we prefer to have a more hands on, evidence based, tracked and progressed approach.

How often do you recommend I come to the gym?

You can work out as little or as much as you’d like, but we usually recommend anywhere between 2 and 5x a week, depending on your goals. Our built-in social structure and group accountability model makes working out fun and friendly while you get fit, so a few hours a week is nothing to spare, and becomes something you look forward to! Just read our Testimonials page.

I’m not in very good shape… can I do this?

Ask anyone what they love most about Chattanooga Fitness Club, and one of the top things listed will be the sense of community, supportive atmosphere, and co-do environment we uphold. Our community is made up of people of all different backgrounds and fitness levels, and everyone has a place here. Our personal training approach is designed to meet you where you’re at, no matter what your fitness level. Chattanooga Fitness Club is for everyone!

I want to lose weight. Can you help me with my diet/nutrition?

Yes! Our Certified Nutrition Coach works with you to help understand the components of a healthy diet, set appropriate daily dietary targets, and stick to them over time using a coaching approach. We specialize in helping you lose unwanted bodyfat while building muscle and toning up all over. Diet is an important part of this, and we have all the resources to help you on your journey at Chattanooga Fitness Club!

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