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6 Week Challenge

Our Fit in 42 Six Week Challenge is one of our signature programs at Chattanooga Fitness Club, and one of several ways you have of getting started with us. This program includes women’s Small Group Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and weekly Accountability & Support

This challenge is specifically a weight loss challenge, and is ideal for any woman that wants to lose 12 pounds or more through fitness and diet.

Lose at least 12 pounds in 6 weeks with our program!

Here’s what the challenge includes:

  1. Small Group Personal Training sessions each week with Certified Personal Trainers leading training & promoting fitness, accountability, and nutrition
  2. Included weekly InBody Scan with advanced body analysis each to see how your body is changing
  3. Accountability Coach helping you stay on track to the goals you’ve set for yourself
  4. Nutrition Coach helping you figure out what to eat and when
  5. Meal Plans for various diets and preferences
  6. Grocery Lists for the meals in those plans
  7. Food preparation instructions for meals
  8. In-person social events
  9. and much more!

Because these are Small Group Personal Training Sessions, we typically only have a few spots left at any given time. Why not get one of the few remaining spots by getting started with your free Transformation Strategy Session today? Check out these reviews:

  • “An amazing community atmosphere… I feel supported and encouraged on my fitness and health journey every time I show up.” – Rachel
  • “A challenging and fun HIIT circuit, [with] scaled options for movements.” – Keaton
  • “The gym is beautiful, clean, and open, and the staff and members were extremely welcoming!” – Kelly
  • “A low pressure, high output workout with the experts” – Deborah
  • “The circuits were very beneficial, and the instructors were all very knowledgeable and eager to help when needed.” – Ally
  • “Had an Awesome experience at CFC.” – Marcus
  • “An inclusive, fun, and encouraging gym.” – Justine
  • “Great friendly workout environment! I always feel encouraged to do my best” – Lisa
  • “The most comfortable I have felt in a fitness class. I feel like I am Goldilocks and have found a fitness group that is just right.” – Elizabeth
  • “The trainers were very hands on and made sure everyone was getting the most out of their workout, while simultaneously making it a fun and comfortable experience!” – Raven
  • “I can see a positive change in my body… I look forward to going every day!” – Lisa
  • “Really enjoyed the clean, well-equipped space and working with the trainers.” – Keaton
  • “A great vision for this fitness club and creating a fitness community” – James G.

There are a few different levels at which you can participate in the Fit in 42 Six Week Challenge, because we customize everything to you.

The Next Step is to book your complimentary Transformation Strategy Session! Contact us now to get started.