A Membership That Will Change Your Life

Fitness. Accountability. Mentorship.

It's more than a slogan for us, it's a way of life. It's about community and the commitment to working hard for permanent changes that you can be proud of, that mean something. It's about becoming a better you.

A Crew To Call Your Own

Our unique approach to small group personal training puts you in a Crew that works out together up to six days a week!

A Proven System

Small group personal training customized to your ability level, combining the best in evidence-based weight lifting, cardio training, flexibility building, agility advancement, and more.

World Class Support

Your small group personal training sessions are led by a Certified Personal Trainer promoting fitness, accountability & nutrition in a small group. This small group approach maximizes your ability to be coached and allows the trainers to be very attentive during your sessions.

Want these benefits and more?

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Monthly members-only social events

One of the things you'll first notice about Chattanooga Fitness Club is our hospitality and warm community. We're all about community here, and each month we have a fun outing with the whole club!

Accountability and Mentorship

Accountability is doing the thing you said you would do. Mentorship is either helping people earlier on the path do what they said they would do, or being helped by someone further along on the path to do what you said you would do. Both are vital. We all help one another here, those with less experience and those with more, so we all make it to the finish line together.

Our Own App For Our Fitness Community

We've got an app that we use to track workouts, weights lifted, social events, birthdays, and more. Come join the Crew and be a part of it!